Clean up the Mental Clutter

The best way to get organized for Spring is to STOP!

S – Start with your thoughts (thoughts-emotions-behaviors)

Remember, what you think is what you feel and what you feel is what you do! Start the declutter process by identifying negative thoughts and consciously replace them with more productive, positive thoughts. This takes hard work and commitment.

T –Talk it out (get out of your head)

Talking about the clutter in your head will help you avoid a catastrophic blow up. Just remember to talk to someone that you trust or a professional that can assist you in challenging areas. The idea is not to vent and gossip, but to strategically discuss the challenges as you search for a remedy.

O –Own the task (take responsibility)

Whatever the task, own it. Again it is important to know that the only person you can control is YOU, so own it.

P –Pilot your emotions (tame your impulses)

Emotional management is one of the most challenging skill sets to develop. Managing emotions begins with understanding what you feel. Not necessarily your anger or frustration (which are secondary emotions), but your true vulnerable emotions that are masked by anger and frustration. Primary emotions are jealousy, sadness, fear, rejection etc.

Remember, a cluttered mind leads to a cluttered life.


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