Relationships are tough. No matter who you are, relationships are tough! Ok, so let’s be honest. Physical traits are a HUGE factor in the decision making process when we select a mate. For those of us that are in a serious relationship, we know all too well that physical characteristics are great, but WILL NOT carry the relationship during high-conflict situations.

So, I had a chance to talk to a group of women ages 25 to 50 in committed relationships. When asked which inner qualities are most important in a partner they responded:

1)           Honesty (transparency, openness)

2)           Loyalty (fidelity, faithfulness, trustworthiness)

3)           Leadership

4)           Strong religious beliefs

5)           Provider

6)           Smart (Intelligent, sharp)

7)           Funny (witty, sense of humor)

8)           Compassionate

9)           Respectful

10)         Family oriented

11)          Romantic (affectionate)

12)         Vulnerable

13)         Dependable (responsible)

14)         Confident

15)         Optimistic

Remember, physical traits are great, however, sexy abs will not resolve heated conflicts or make important decisions. Stay focused on what REALLY matters. Inner qualities trump outer sexiness!

Well, this is the list. Do you agree? Would you add other traits?


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