Grieving Prince’s Sudden Death



Last week the shocking news of Prince’s death was felt across the globe. The loss of the legendary musical icon has left his family, friends, and followers’ worldwide, devastated and in mourning.  Social media was flooded with crushed fans and loved ones expressing their grief and sharing stories that celebrated Prince and his legacy that spanned 40 years.

He was a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, won 7 Grammy’s, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award for “Purple Rain.” He had a unique and powerful gift, as well as a positive and accepting attitude that people just gravitated towards. He connected and provided comfort to so many. Prince stood as a symbol of hope and that positive changes were just around the corner. His death came way too soon, but his influence and inspiration will transcend for generations

How do you deal with the loss of an Icon?

Losing an idol like Prince can be difficult and emotionally confusing. Some may wonder why they have such strong feelings because they didn’t know him on a personal basis. This is a completely normal feeling. Prince has been a part of our lives for decades and we have followed his life and evolution as an artist. He’s gotten many through difficult times by his words and what he represents. When that is suddenly gone, the feelings can be similar to the loss of a good friend.

Try out these tips to help you in your grieving process:

·      Allow yourself to grieve. There is no rule book when it comes to grieving. Just because you’re mourning an icon doesn’t make the pain any less valid. Allow yourself to feel the emotion so you can better address it.

·      Express yourself! Reach out to family, friends, and others on social media. Being able to share and connect your emotions with others is an essential part of the grieving process. With Prince being a legendary figure, there is a very large community available to you that understand exactly what you’re going through. 

·      Celebrate his life and continue his legacy. Prince had such a positive soul and would want his life to be celebrated and his advocacy for positive change and equality to continue. Listen to your favorite Prince songs and represent all that he stood for.

In honor of the legendary musician, let’s continue Prince’s positivity and promote a beautiful, equal, and hopeful world.


AUTHOR: Danielle James, Psychology Intern


Danielle is a recent psychology graduate from the University of Central Florida. She has a passion for helping individuals identify and work through emotional and mental health concerns to provide a higher quality of life. Her goals include achieving her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology that allows for a deeper understanding of future clients and a more interactive perspective.