Coming up on my mid-twenties, I’m entering the “wedding season” phase of my life. My best friends are all getting married and while I couldn’t be happier for them, it has also made me reflect on why I’m not. It has brought about a lot of questions and realizations, one of them being, why is it that you can almost predict which of your friends will get married by how many of their friends have? It seems like once one or two friends tie the knot, the bandwagon begins and everyone else hops on board. Is peer pressure to blame, or just the phase that’s expected in your twenties? To help avoid rushing down the alter for the wrong reasons and support your friends during their exciting time, consider these tips.

·      Think about why you want to get married. Do a little soul searching and determine if you want the big party, celebrate, and stay on track with your best friends, or because you truly want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

·      Be honest with yourself. It is absolutely normal to feel a little jealous when your best friend finds everlasting love. However, every relationship is different and just because your friend is ready doesn’t mean you should be. Perhaps life for you is too busy and it’s just not the time to commit to marriage.

·      Stop any and all comparisons. This is not a competition and no one is going to win. No one is better than you for getting married and you’re not better than anyone else for not getting married.

·      Be happy with who you are and don’t settle. Continue to remind yourself of all the positive qualities you possess, keep a list if you need to. It’s important to understand that everyone’s path is different and yours is going the way that it’s supposed to.

·      Switch up your routine. Celebrate the stage of your life you are in and embrace it. Increase your circle of friends and venture out to new places. Meeting new people will bring more opportunity and experiences. Also, staying away from social media for a bit will be really helpful during this process.

Relationships should stem from friendship and desire, not from the pressure to be at the same stage of life as others. Marriage should never be rushed and have faith the time will come. Dealing with all your friends getting married is best done with a laugh, a toast, and the knowledge that you are living a fabulous life.

AUTHOR: Danielle James, Psychology Intern


Danielle is a recent psychology graduate from the University of Central Florida. She has a passion for helping individuals identify and work through emotional and mental health concerns to provide a higher quality of life. Her goals include achieving her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology that allows for a deeper understanding of future clients and a more interactive perspective.

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