Finding Your Perfect Dose of Work-Life Balance

Famous singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman Dolly Parton quoted “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” This quote could not be more accurate to the struggles with work-life balance faced by many successful individuals today. In today’s world independence is valued and people are often categorized and titled based on their careers, incomes, and education. Technology is continually evolving making work no longer accessible just from the office but also from your own home, overtime is a norm, and the lines between “work” time and “home” time are being blurred. While it an accomplish to watch the determination and motivation in the work force grow by leaps and bounds its important to remember this important Dolly Parton quote and find balance between work and life. Without this balance, relationships, health and happiness can become strained. Here are some tips to find the perfect dose of balance for you.

1.Make time for yourself.

With the constant hustle and bustle of work that can be found both on and off the clock you can often find yourself stressed outside of the office. It is important to manage this stress for your health, happiness and the happiness of those around you. Take an hour out of your day and take a walk, try some yoga or meditation, snuggle up with a good book, or just take a hot bath. No matter what relaxation path you choose it is important to take some time out of you day for yourself, you were created for so much more than just to work and pay bills.

2. Spend time with loved ones.

Don’t become so boggled down in work that you forget what is truly valued, family and friends. Whether you live with roommates, a significant other, or family it is important to spend time with those you care about. Make an effort to have dinner with them whenever possible, have a conversation about how their day was, and if you have had a stressful day feel free to vent to them but don’t let you work dominate the conversation. You need this quality time more than you know.

3. Put down the phone.

While technology is valuable both on and off clock learn to put down the phone. The constant notifications, texts, updates, and emails can distract and add stress to your personal time. You would be surprised all the things you notice and appreciate when you look up from your cell phone.

4. Don’t be a Perfectionist.

Nothing is more stressful in the work place than being a perfectionist. While it is important to perform satisfactory in your career, being a perfectionist is not always beneficial. Sometimes you need to learn when to leave a project to finish the next workday, or when to realize you’ve done your best and take pride in your work. Your mental health is important and can be affected by obsessive perfectionist tendencies.

All the above tips are simple actions that can be taken every day to make for a healthier, happier you. Give them a try and reap the benefits!


Author: Danielle Hackett

Danielle is a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Psychology and minoring in Crime, Law, and Deviance. Danielle has a passion for research and helping people. Danielle’s goal is to obtain a Masters degree in I/O Psychology and to specialize in improving quality of life at work since that is where people dedicate such a large portion of their time. In Danielle’s free time she spends time with those most important to her, family, friends, and horses.

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