How Social Media is ruining your Social Life

Ever find yourself going on Facebook to check a specific event and now it’s an hour later and you’re looking at pictures of your best friend’s cousin’s dog and no idea how you got here? Today’s world is beaming with technology from computers, to tablets, to smart phones, to even smart watches allowing a constant feed of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to be readily available.  While social media has its benefits such as keeping in touch with old friends and family both locally and globally, keeping up with personal and global events, as well as marketing and targeting an audience, our social media platforms are often being abused to the point of addiction. Despite the illusion of being more socially involved you are actually limiting your social interactions by spending less face-to-face time with those around you and forgetting how to effectively communicate without the assistance of a keyboard in front of you. Here are some tips to prevent social media from ruining your social life.

1. Set Restrictions

Differentiate between when it is appropriate to be involved in social media and when it is not. Make sure to put your phone down at meals, when communicating face-to-face with others, and when spending time with family and friends. Maintaining eye contact with those that are communicating with you let’s them know you are involved and listening. At the end of the time, these actual physical relationships are much more rewarding than online ones.

2.  Post with Purpose

Before posting a photo or status update take a second to think about why you are posting it. If you are posting and instantly thinking about the amounts of likes or comments you may get it may be more beneficial not to post. By posting you will now be constantly checking for updates and looking for validation and confidence through social media platforms. Instead, try telling someone special about that specific moment instead of 1,000 people that may not have a personal connection to you.

3. Take a Break

Majority of people are constantly signed into their social media accounts receiving constant updates and notifications on their cell phones. Take a break and turn off your notification or sign out of your social media account so that you are in control. If you sign off your social media accounts you will not be tempted to check it every time you have a notification and instead will be in control and be able to check it only when you decide to sign in. Don’t let social media run your life; it’s your life.

Using these three tips can help prevent social media addiction, and make sure social media does not ruin your social life.


Danielle is a senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Psychology and minoring in Crime, Law, and Deviance. Danielle has a passion for research and helping people. Danielle’s goal is to obtain a Masters degree in I/O Psychology and to specialize in improving quality of life at work since that is where people dedicate such a large portion of their time. In Danielle’s free time she spends time with those most important to her, family, friends, and horses.