I’m committed to your emotional and psychological well being. Let’s develop your personal strategy for living your best life! Choose the coaching services or online programs that work best for you!
My ‘Resource’ video series discusses the powerful tips and techniques shared by the world’s most brilliant minds. The videos are short and sweet...enjoy!
— Dr. Jada
I manage a large department and sometimes feel very overwhelmed. Jada helped me develop a strategy to control my emotions when it really counts. Thanks for being a great therapist and coach!
— Client Testimonial
Thanks for helping me clearly identify and prioritize my issues. Creating a clear cut strategy gave me confidence to move forward to attain my goals for success.
— — Client Testimonial
I wasn’t sure about coaching at first, but you made me feel very comfortable. Most men probably would feel the same way. I very glad I got over the fear and had the courage to deal with my unresolved childhood trauma.
— — Client Testimonial
Jada, you helped me change my life. You not only helped me, but my entire family. I’m thankful to call you my life coach and therapist.
— — Client Testimonial