ReFRAME, The book

 This book will encourage you to: · Identify destructive thought patterns · Set healthy boundaries · Rebuild confidence · Engage your best energy · Reframe losses into wins · Maximize your potential for success Life is in your control. If you want to stop losing and start winning, this is your opportunity to Reframe your Life!Dr. Jada will help get you refocused and back on track!

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Are you overwhelmed with life’s changes? Have you gone through a divorce? Had a baby? Changed jobs? Switched careers? In REFRAME–Developing the Right Perspective for Massive Success keynote speaker Jada Jackson talks about how to manage life’s losses and common transitions by reframing negative thought processes. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Jada shares how she struggled with life’s transitions and emerged to living a life of contentment, peace, and massive success. Using personal stories, case studies, and practical, applicable solutions, she gives a clear road map for those who want to stop losing and start winning!

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Dr. Jada had a great time in Orlando during the ReFRAME Book Launch Party!

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Another great ReFRAME book party in Dallas!