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STOP! Take a time out of your busy schedule and REFRAME your life! Success is in the palm of your hand and in the center of your heart. If you are in the cycle of working, paying bills and working more, you may want to take time to REFRAME how you view life. However, before you attempt to make a change, we must take the necessary steps to define what “success” really means.

I used to think success meant having access to money, resources and material things…WRONG! Success is subjective and only YOU can define what it means to you.

You may have a great job, beautiful children, a decent relationship and you may still feel unfulfilled and unhappy with your life. If this is you, Reframe Your LIFE coaching with Jada may work perfectly for YOU! After a successful career in the fashion and entertainment industry, I became an author, entrepreneur, radio talk show host, television personality, clinical mental health therapist and success coach; which is HOW I reframed my career and reinvented myself! How do I define success? I define success as peace, contentment, healthy relationships and self-actualization. Through both success and failure, I’ve learned much about life, entrepreneurship, relationships, thought processes, emotional management and success. By reframing my thought process, I’ve found significant value in taking control of my success!

So, here is a snapshot of how YOU can REFRAME your life and embrace COMPLETE SUCCESS!

R – REVIEW your past successes and failures

E – EVALUATE past strategies used

F – FOCUS on positive

R – RESTRUCTURE negative thoughts

A – ACTIVATE your new strategy for success

M – MAINTAIN your new strategy using a maintenance plan

E – ENJOY your life on purpose





  • You need to improve your self-esteem 
  • You want clear direction in your life
  • You want to improve your social skills
  • You need to learn how to balance life
  • You want to learn to manage your stress 
  • You want to improve your communications skills
  • You want to improve your relationships
  • You want to learn to make healthy decisions


  • You gain support and mentorship
  • You gain an accountability partner
  • You develop courage
  • You establish achievable goals and objectives
  • You learn to plan and strategize to attain goals
  • You learn how to get focused